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Fisker has disclosed fresh information regarding its top-tier super-EV, the Ronin. 

Officially open for reservations now, the company plans to commence customer deliveries in the initial half of 2025. 

It will cost $385,000 (£302,000), and production will be limited to fewer than a 1000 units. 

Anticipated to possess over 1,000bhp, the low-profile, convertible, all-electric sports car features a tri-motor, four-wheel drive configuration, enabling a claimed 0-60 mph time of 2.0 seconds. Its projected top speed is said to exceed 170mph. 

Despite the performance capabilities, Fisker's objective is to establish an industry-leading driving range of 600 miles. The company says this will be achieved via new construction techniques,  integrating the Ronin’s battery pack within an all-aluminium body structure.

Externally, the car features butterfly-style doors as well as a convertible carbon fibre electric roof, plus carbon fibre-made 23-inch alloys. Inside meanwhile comes equipped with a 17.1-inch driver information display. 

While the exact production location remains undecided, Fisker acknowledges that development work in Banbury, UK makes the possibility of UK manufacturing plausible.

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Harry Leahey 14/08/23