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In response to rising vehicle thefts and insurance challenges for Range Rover owners, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has reintroduced an in-house insurance scheme. 


The move comes amid a spike in organised crime targeting luxury vehicles, particularly affecting the insurability and premium costs for Range Rover models. 


To counteract this trend, JLR has been proactive, offering insurance quotes to over 4,000 drivers since October at an average cost of less than £200 per month. 


Furthermore, the company announced a £10 million investment in November for vehicle security upgrades to combat keyless thefts. 


These upgrades have been applied to over 70,000 JLR vehicles since 2018, including the Defender, Discovery, Range Rover, and Jaguar models. 


Despite the high theft rates reported by DVLA data, JLR points to UK police data showing a significant reduction in thefts of their latest models. 


According to the firm, just nine of the 12,200 new, registered Range Rovers since January last year were stolen. Meanwhile, of the 13,400 Range Rover Sport models registered since then, just 13 were stolen. 

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Harry Leahey 20/12/23