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Kia welcomes to the world of Electric Vehicles (EV), the all-new Niro range consisting of 3 models-- all-new full-electric, hybrid and the plug-hybrid. The three variants of the models all come in a '2',' 3' or '4' grade, all priced differently. Details on Kia's approach to electrification throughout its vehicles align with the company's plans to be an all-electric manufacturer by 2030.

Updates are made to each model's powertrain to promote Kia's supposedly most efficient EVs to date. The Niro all-electric is powered by a "64.8 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery pack and a 201 bhp electric motor" the boost in its powertrain department makes the EV capable of hitting 0-62mph in 7.8 seconds.

When looking at the specifications of EVs, charging capabilities are usually high on the priority list as it is ultimately what gets the car to continue to function. Kia claims to have optimised for a quicker charging time compared to the previous model. With claims by the manufacturer that it is up to 9 minutes quicker to set, charging the EV from 10% to 80% takes approximately 45 minutes.

The Niro Hybrid and plug-in hybrid feature Kia's Smartstream 1.6 litre GDi (gasoline direct injection) petrol engine and 6DCT (dual-clutch automatic transmission). Paired with an electric motor, the hybrid model comes with a 32 kW giving its powertrain a maximum output power of 139 bhp, whilst the plug-in hybrid is equipped with a larger 62 kW that gives its powertrain a combined capacity of 180 bhp.

Additionally, the two non-all-electric models both feature the intelligent 'Green Zone' drive mode, which enables the vehicles to automatically switch to electric power, cutting emissions based on the location guidance from the navigation. This mode can also be changed manually by the driver.


An overview of the pricing of the upcoming range is as follows.

The Niro all-electric model starts at the highest price point; grade '2' will be retailed from £34,995, the mid-range grade '3' for £37,745 and a top price of £40,495 for the top-spec quality '4' model.

Pricing for the Plug-in Hybrid grade '2' starts from £32,775, rising to £35,525 for the grade '3' and £38,275 for the grade '4' variant.

Most affordable of the three models, the Niro Hybrid model starts from £27,275 for the grade '2', £30,495 for grade '3' and £33,245 for the top-spec '4' model.

Noticeably, there is a difference of £2,750 rise between each grade, and all models are stated to be available in a choice of 8 different featured colours, with premium paint options costing £595.

From a design perspective, the new Niro range is given a cleaner look with a larger lower grille and split headlights at the front end of the exterior, with a central socket for the charger. From a side profile, the main bodywork is given a revamp of steel-grey features, which stands out and provides the car with range and an updated look.

The Niro range is now available for pre-order, and the deliveries will replace the Kia e-Niro, the model which was the second best-selling EV in the UK in 2021. Kia plans to offer a lineup of 14 EVs by 2027.

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Manija Noori 24/08/22