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Lamborghini has unveiled its first plug-in hybrid V12 supercar, the Rebuelto - the firm’s successor to the outgoing Aventador flagship.


Despite it being Lamborghini's latest addition to its line-up, the Rebuelto has already filled two years' worth of orders, and comes as the company celebrates its 60th birthday.


From its 6.5-litre V12 engine, the Rebuelto already makes 814bhp and 725 Nm of torque, making it the most powerful V12 engine to come from the raging bull, while the rev limiter has been increased from the Aventador to 9,500rpm.


With the added plug-in hybrid system, which involves three electric motors, two on the front axle and one on the rear, the car’s combined power output stands at 1,001bhp.

Adopting an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, the car can achieve the 0-62 mph sprint in 2.5 seconds. Top speed stands at over 217 mph.


Lamborghini has also developed a new 'continuous downshifting' feature that can be activated by holding the left gear paddle down, which allows to shift multiple gears at once.


Stopping power meanwhile comes from 10-pot carbon ceramic disc brakes, with four-pot calipers on the rear. Both are cooled by a redesigned cooling system developed specifically for the LB744. 


The 3.8kWh battery pack is mounted in the central tunnel, and can be charged at up to 7 kW for a full charge in half an hour. However, when the car's Recharge mode is engaged, the battery can be replenished in six minutes. 


EV range from the plug-in hybrid system remains unconfirmed, though will likely be as short as six miles depending on conditions. Still, the car is said to produce 30 percent less CO2 emissions than the outgoing Aventador Ultimae. Power is delivered to a four-wheel drive system until driving in EV mode, in which case the three motors drive the front wheels only. 


From outside the car, the bonnet looks to have taken inspiration from the Lamborghini Countach and is flanked by a pair of Y-shaped headlights which dominate the front end. Y-shaped lights can be found to the rear, as can up to four hexagonal exhaust tips. 


Aerodynamically, the car is said to be 61 percent more efficient than its predecessor, while downforce is up 66 percent thanks to a new electric rear wing and semi-active wishbone suspension.


The car can ride on a combination of 20-inch and 21-inch front and rear, or 21-inch and 22-inch front and rear. The tyres meanwhile are Bridgestone Potenza Sports, specially developed for the Reveulto. 


Inside the Rebuelto features a 12.3-inch screen for the driver, a 9.1-inch display on the passenger side and an 8.4-inch vertical touchscreen in the middle. Lamborghini has also ditched Alcantara leather for the seats in favour of the firm’s new ‘Corsa-Tex’ fabric, which is made of recycled polyester.


Aside from the trio of driving modes, namely Sabbia (Sand), Terra (Land), and Neve (Snow), the Rebuelto also features Citta (City), Strada, Sport, and Corsa, which is geared towards high-performance driving. These modes can be chosen using the pair of rotary knobs located on the steering wheel. 


The Rebuelto begins a new chapter for Lamborghini as the firm aims to have at least a hybrid powertrain in all of its vehicles by 2024, ahead of an all-electric model in 2028. 


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