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Lexus has confirmed its LM PMV will start from £89,995, and will compete with the  Mercedes V-Class and Volkswagen Multivan when it arrives on sale in November.   

Touting it as the epitome of a 'luxury mover’, the LM will be available in two seating configurations and three different trim levels, with the flagship variant coming in at £112,995.  

The four-seat model features two individual armchairs in the rear section, which can be partitioned off from the front of the vehicle to create a private space, enhanced further by active noise cancellation technology.

Additionally, this section houses a 48-inch HD screen. Lexus says it took inspiration from their renowned 'Omotenashi' hospitality to create an opulent cabin environment. The vehicle can also be had with seven seats.

Standard features across the range include 19-inch alloy wheels, power-adjustable seats in both the front and middle rows, twin sunroofs, dual-zone climate controls, and powered sunshades. The LM also comes equipped with Lexus’ latest Link Pro infotainment system.

For those seeking an elevated level of luxury, the LM 350h Takumi, starting at £112,995, has a fridge beneath the 48- inch screen, while the rear seats come equipped with folding tables, various charging ports and a wireless charging tray. There's also a 23-speaker 3D Surround Sound system from audio firm, Mark Levinson. This is in addition to the dimmable glass panel for added privacy in the rear passenger section.  

All LM variants adopt a petrol-electric hybrid system, which combines a 2.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with a CVT automatic gearbox. Complemented by an electric motor, the LM can operate on electric power alone for short distances.

This setup delivers a maximum power output of 246bhp and peak torque at 239Nm, with the higher-end versions utilising Lexus’ E-Four electronic all-wheel drive system. While the 0-62mph acceleration time remains undisclosed, the LM's top speed is limited to 119mph.

Lexus has also equipped the LM with what it calls a Rear Seat Comfort driving mode, which is said to minimise vibrations by fine tuning the vehicle's suspension and torque distribution.

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Harry Leahey 25/07/23