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The new and updated MG5 EV will be on display at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, according to MG Motor UK. The award-winning all-electric estate car will take centre stage at Goodwood's dedicated electric vehicle (EV) section, for its first official UK viewing on Thursday, 23rd June 2022.

Since its first introduction in the UK in November 2020, the MG5 EV has established itself as one of the first entirely electric estate vehicles in its market. It has also proven to be quite popular with both private and commercial clients, selling over 8,000 units.

New front and rear bumpers, updated LED head and tail lights and new wheel designs are also part of the exterior design changes. The new MG5 EV will also include Vehicle-To-Load (V2L) functionality, which was first introduced on the all-new ZS EV that debuted in November 2021. With this feature, users may use the energy stored in the battery to power additional electric devices like e-bikes, portable warmers, or camping gear.

The interior of the new MG5 EV has also undergone technological and design improvements, including the addition of a 10.25-inch widescreen infotainment system with enhanced software and the ability to enable iSMART linked car capability, via MG's dedicated smartphone app.

MG is a renowned British automaker with roots dating back to 1924. It is known for producing affordable and sporty vehicles. From the iconic Cecil Kimber-designed original MG 14/28 super sports car, to the current all-electric MG5 EV, MG has always aimed to be forward-thinking.

MG claims to currently be the fastest-growing automobile manufacturer in the UK, with a six-car lineup of useful and reasonably priced hatchbacks and SUVs. Today's MGs claim to be functional, roomy, loaded with technology ideal for modern life. They are designed in Marylebone, London, and produced in facilities across multiple nations. MG is available to consumers everywhere in the UK, thanks to a countrywide network of more than 150 dealerships.

Commenting on the announcement, Commercial Director at MG Motor UK, Guy Pigounakis, said: "The MG5 EV has quickly established a strong following as a practical, affordable and efficient estate car, and we're seeking to build upon that success by offering customers an even more attractive, compelling design as well as a generous range of technology upgrades. The MG 'Get More' philosophy is a key part of our approach – we believe our customers should get more and as standard - and we are confident that the new MG5 EV strongly reflects this."

Premium components are used in the construction of every new MG. MG said it has a solid reputation in the UK and is now sold all over the world, with western Europe being the latest market to be added. Further information about the New MG5 EV will be made public soon, along with updates on the price and anticipated delivery dates in the UK.

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