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Polestar has teased its upcoming coupé-crossover, the Polestar 4, ahead of its full unveiling on April 18 at the Shanghai motor show. 


The first official image of the 4 gives very little away, showing just the firm’s badge and front headlight. Polestar says the car will be spacious and aerodynamic, while combining the features of an SUV coupé. 


Inside meanwhile is being said to incorporate design elements and sustainable materials from previous concept cars from Polestar.   


The Polestar 4 is expected to begin production later this year at the Ningbo factory in China, where Zeekr, a sibling brand, produces its 001 performance EV.


When it launches later this year, the company says the car will also be its fastest model to date, and will compete with other high performance electric SUVs such as the upcoming electric Porsche Macan, and Tesla Model Y. 


Hailing the car as an all new model developed from the ground up, Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath said: “Polestar 4 is not simply a modified version of our first SUV. Instead, we reconsidered the entire design to create a new breed of SUV coupé.” 


Details on performance stats and technical details remain limited for now until next week, but given that the Polestar 3 delivers a claimed range of 379 miles, it’s expected a similar figure will be coming from the 4. As for the price, Ingenlath has said the car should cost from around £40,000

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Harry Leahey 11/04/23