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The Smart #1 Pro, a more affordable variant of the #1 all-electric small SUV, is set to arrive in the UK in spring 2024.

Already on sale in Germany, the Pro trim level will be priced below the current cheapest Smart in the range, the #1 Pro+, so expect it to come in around £32,000. 

In order to achieve a lower price point, the #1 Pro features a smaller 47kWh battery, resulting in a maximum range of 192 miles. The charging speed has also been reduced from 150kW to 130kW, but Smart claims it can still be recharged in under 30 minutes.

The current #1 lineup consists of four trim levels: Pro+, Premium, Launch Edition, and Brabus, which is the performance-focused range-topper. 

Premium adds larger wheels and a panoramic roof, while the Launch Edition is limited to 100 examples in the UK with a bespoke paint finish. 

All #1 models come with a 62kWh battery, except for the dual-motor Brabus. The new Pro is the only model to feature a smaller battery.

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