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Subaru has presented its latest iteration of its popular SUV, the 2025 Forester, at the 2023 Los Angeles auto show. Entering its sixth generation, the Forester has been a stalwart in Subaru's lineup for nearly three decades, with the new model set to hit UK dealerships in spring 2024.


Externally, the car features Subaru's signature rugged aesthetic, with a bold grille integrated with compact LED headlights and a redesigned Subaru star cluster emblem. The firm says aerodynamic enhancements have also been made to improve stability and performance.


Inside, the Forester sports a redesigned interior with a focus on durability and visibility. A dark headliner reduces the visibility of scuffs, and the use of textured trim pieces aims to withstand daily wear and tear. 


A prominent feature is the new portrait 11.6-inch touchscreen, which can display wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 


The 2025 Forester is built on an updated Subaru Global Platform, which is said to deliver a 10 percent stiffer chassis for improved ride quality and dynamic performance. 


For safety, all models come standard with Subaru’s EyeSight Driver Assist Technology, now operating under a wider range of conditions. This technology suite includes new features like Emergency Stop Assist and Automatic Emergency Steering.


The DriverFocus Distraction Mitigation System meanwhile, standard on the Touring trim, uses facial recognition software to monitor driver attention. 


Performance comes from a  2.0-liter flat-four engine, which will come ahead of a full-hybrid model next year. Higher trims include features like steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters and different wheel sizes ranging from 17 to 19 inches.


Power is delivered to an all-wheel drive system, and the vehicle’s ground clearance remains the same as the outgoing model of  8.7-inches.


The 2025 Subaru Forester will be available in multiple trims: Base, Premium, Sport, Limited, and Touring. Pricing details are expected to be announced closer to the vehicle's launch next year. 


In addition to the new Forester with a hybrid version to follow, Subaru also announced plans to introduce four new fully electric vehicles by 2026, followed by another four by 2028. 

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Harry Leahey 20/11/23