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Toyota has unveiled the 2024 C-HR small SUV, available exclusively in hybrid and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) powertrains.  

The C-HR PHEV comes with a 147bhp 2.0-litre petrol engine, a 158bhp electric motor and a 13.6kWh battery. This combination allows for 0-62mph time in 7.4 seconds and a claimed all-electric range of 41 miles.

Using a 7kW onboard charger, Toyota says the vehicle's battery can be fully recharged in two and a half hours.


The regular hybrid C-HR model meanwhile can come with either a 1.8-litre engine making 138bhp, or a  2.0-litre making 193bhp. 

The PHEV version offers different levels of regenerative braking, enabling the recovery of energy during deceleration to extend the electric range. The highest setting allows for one-pedal driving, and the system can reserve electric charge for low-emissions zones via sat-nav data.

Inside the new C-HR, there is a prominent 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system that supports wireless connections for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, plus a same-sized digital instrument cluster which can display range and battery percentage. 

Up to 64 colours for the interior lighting system are on offer for some personalisation, while an additional 24 changing shades of colour gradually shift as each hour of the day passes.

The C-HR can be unlocked using a "digital key" smartphone option that can also start the engine, and it even allows remote piloting into parking spaces.

While the boot space has not been officially confirmed, it is expected to be similar to the previous model. 

Safety features include lane-changing and high-beam assistance, plus subtle braking and steering intervention for when another vehicle in front has been detected, or when approaching a bend. 

Although there is no fully electric version of the C-HR, Toyota plans to introduce a new, all electric model called the bZ3X, which is expected to be similarly sized and come with four wheel drive. 

For now, the hybrid C-HR is anticipated to start around £35,000.

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Harry Leahey 26/06/23