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Vauxhall has announced a new, entry-level version of the Astra Electric, which starts from £37,795 -  £2,740 less than the car’s initial price tag of £39,995 when it launched a few months ago.


Available in a new ‘Design’ spec, the car rides on 18-inch alloy wheels, and comes equipped with front and rear parking sensors, cruise control, LED headlights, wireless connectivity for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and keyless start. The interior also boasts Vauxhall's Pure Panel infotainment system, which consists of a 10-inch touchscreen and a 10-inch digital instrument display. 

The Astra Electric Design retains the same powertrain – a 54kWh battery paired with a 154bhp motor, offering a consistent range of up to 258 miles and a maximum charging speed of 100kW, allowing for a 20 to 80 percent recharge in just 26 minutes.


The Mokka Electric also joins the Design trim lineup, lowering the starting price of this compact electric SUV from £38,985 to £36,610. It rides on 17-inch wheels, and features the same infotainment setup as the Astra Electric. It boasts a range of 209-miles from its 50kWh battery, plus 134bhp electric motor. 


It’s worth noting that an updated electric powertrain for the Mokka was announced last year, with 252 miles of range thanks to new batteries also found in the Jeep Avenger and Fiat 600e. This version, however, has yet to arrive on sale. 


Customers can now place orders for the base Design-spec Astra Electric and Mokka Electric, with deliveries expected to commence in January 2024.

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Harry Leahey 11/10/23