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Volkswagen has unveiled a set of technical enhancements for its ID.4 SUV, implementing significant alterations to the powertrains used in models equipped with the larger 77kWh battery pack. 

VW ID.4 vehicles featuring a single rear-mounted motor alongside a 77kWh battery pack now produce an extra  82 bhp and 253 Nm. These upgrades result in a peak power output of 282 bhp 535 Nm of torque.

In addition, single motor models now offer faster 135kW DC fast charging, plus 341 miles - a 20-mile increase from before. 

VW's top-tier dual motor variants have also received fine-tuning, with the base all-wheel drive model delivering the same 282bhp (an increase of 21bhp from its previous configuration).

The range-topping GTX version meanwhile now boasts 334 bhp, meaning a 0-62mph time of 5.4 seconds - 0.7 seconds quicker. The GTX's top speed has been elevated from 100mph to 112mph.  

The ID.4’s optional DCC adaptive dampers have also undergone some changes, which are now said to provide a more comfortable or agile ride depending on the driver mode selected. 

Performance figures for the smaller 58kWh battery pack ID.4’s remain largely unchanged, apart from a slightly faster 115kW DC fast charging rate.

Inside sees a larger 12.9-inch touchscreen display and new illuminated controls for temperature and volume adjustments. VW’s latest infotainment system has also been carried over from the ID.3, which is said to be more reliable and less glitchy than the previous version. 

Specific pricing and availability details for the UK market are yet to be confirmed. 

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Harry Leahey 11/10/23