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The iconic car manufacturer Volvo has put its money where its mouth is regarding sustainability through an investment in Bcomp, a manufacturer of lightweight materials with a significant reduction in emissions.


The venture capital investment, made through the Volvo Cars Tech Fund, stands to reduce the weight of manufactured components by up to 70%, reduce the use of plastics by 50% and cut emissions by up to 62%, according to data from the innovative Swiss materials developer.  And with the construction of the Volvo Cars Concept Recharge prototype using the materials already, Volvo looks set to deliver on its environmental ambitions.

Volvo’s commitment to sustainability does not go unnoticed


In recent years, Volvo Cars has made a well-known name for itself with the launch and continued popularity of its electrified cars. The multinational manufacturer of luxury vehicles has demonstrated its dedicated approach to reducing the company’s carbon footprint year on year. As announced in 2021, Volvo Cars will focus its attention closely on the development of pure electric cars, supporting its claim of reducing ist overall carbon footprint, and effectively decreasing the sale of other vehicle types substantially. 


Volvo therefore seems to be upholding its ambition to only sell fully electric cars by 2030, alongside its business plans to work towards being a climate-neutral business by 2040. With the recent investment into the Bcomp firm looking to impact the business’ future designs in new and upcoming models, does this investment introduce a new mission to create the ultimate sustainable car?


Volvo is certainly taking steps in the right direction with their investment with the Bcomp firm. The recent acquisition is “yet another example of our commitment to sustainability and strategic focus on reducing our carbon footprint,” said Alexander Petrofski, Head of the Volvo Cars Tech Fund. “We have a long tradition of partnering with leading technology firms such as Bcomp because we see joint benefits in helping them scale and develop innovative products in global markets.”


Who is Bcomp?


Bcomp is a Swiss cleantech company that develops and sells sustainable, high performance and lightweight solutions for a wide range of applications. Working closely with automobiles, the innovative material comes from a natural fibre-based called ‘flax fibres’, sourced from the inner bark of a plant stem. The low use of energy and low emissions of the material reduces the overall environmental impact that both Bcomp and Volvo are working against. 


Bcomp’s development of its composite materials offers the perfect solution to the plastic features used currently in the exterior and interior parts of Volvo models. Senior Vice President of Design at Volvo Cars, Robin Page, stated” “it is a material that is environmentally responsible with a very low carbon footprint that also delivers an attractive and natural aesthetic.” 


The idea is to use the flax composites on the interior parts of Volvo cars such as the back storage areas, back of headrests and footrests. As well as on the exterior parts, the front and rear bumpers of upcoming models, giving it as quoted by Robin Page, a “luxury and attractive aesthetic”.


The combination of using Bcomp materials with future Volvo models naturally introduces the concept of ultimate sustainability. The low use of energy and emissions of the composites contributes to a consciously low environmental impact, something both Bcomp and Volvo actively work against and aim to uphold in upcoming years. It reflects the company’s dedication to maintaining its commitment to a cleaner environment and doing its part as a business to approach future models with a new chic design whilst being as ethical as possible.


Financial details of the Volvo Cars Tech Fund investment in Bcomp are yet to be disclosed. 

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Manija Noori 06/07/22