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American brand Zero has launched an all-electric adventure motorbike, designed for off-roading and motorway/city driving.


Dubbed the DSR/X, it comes equipped with the firm’s new Z-force motor, which delivers up to 100bhp, 166 lb ft of torque, and a top speed of 112mph. Meanwhile, power comes from Zero’s Z-force 17.3 kWh battery pack. 


The motorbike takes 10 hours for a full recharge via a standard, domestic plug socket, though a level 2 standard charger can reduce this to just two hours. 


Customers can also choose to use one of the motorbikes’s storage compartments for a Power Tank, which increases battery capacity to 21 kWh, while an optional 6kW rapid charger will deliver a full charge in just one hour. 


Range varies depending on usage, though the brand says the DSR/X can deliver 180 miles in urban settings, or 85 miles from straight, motorway commuting. A mix of urban and motorway usage is said to deliver around 115 miles of range.  


As off-roading involves more regular braking and slowing down, Zero claims its DSR/X can deliver the most range, thanks to regenerative braking providing power back to the bike’s motor.  


The motorbike also comes with up to three storage compartments, 200mm of adjustable front suspension, and Scorpion Trail II tyres from Perelli - designed for light off-roading. 


However, Zero says wire-spoke wheels which can accept thicker, more aggressive tyres will be available next year for better off-road performance.  


In terms of software, Zero has also loaded the DSR/X with motorcycle stability controls from Bosch as well as the firm’s Cypher III+ operating system, which is claimed to provide traction and stability on any surface. 


Available to order now, the DSR/X is priced from £24,150, and comes in two colours: Sage Green and White Pearl.     


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Harry Leahey 30/09/22