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Triumph has announced performance stats of its TE-1 prototype - the brand's first electric-powered motorbike.

With 130kW (175bhp) of peak power, the TE-1 can achieve the 0-60mph sprint in just 3.6 seconds, while 0-100 is achieved in 6.3 seconds. 

Charging its 15 kWh battery from 0 to 80% takes 20 minutes - which is claimed to be faster than any other comparable electric motorbike. 

On a full charge, the TE-1 delivers a 100 mile range. 

The statistics emerged following the conclusion of testing for the prototype’s electric powertrain from Helix, which creates power-dense motors and coordinating inverters for demanding automotive, aerospace, marine racing and industrial applications.

Helping to keep overall weight low at 220kg, the powertrain features Helix’s Scalable Integrated Modular Inverter (SIMI) technology - designed to provide efficient and compact electric powertrains. 

According to Triumph, this technology helps create the TE-1’s class-leading power-to-weight ratio, with overall weight being 25% lighter than comparable electric motorcycles.

Helix Chief Technology Manager, Andrew Cross, said: "We're delighted to see the final TE-1 motorcycle testing phase completed and further validation of the performance and efficiency of our Scalable Integrated Modular Inverter."

On Helix’s involvement in the TE-1 prototype, Cross added: "We're proud to have been a key part of this exciting project, which is a landmark for electric motorcycles and British industry".

As a specialist manufacturer in suspension, Öhlins handled the TE-1’s suspension setup, while the brakes were sourced from Brembo. 

According to Triumph, Phase 4, or live testing, will start this summer (from June to September).


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Manija Noori 16/09/22