It’s very easy to be running atypical lifestyles in the modern world: our lives are filled with demanding goals that keep us bustling all around, all the time. Exigent, intense social lives, intensive jobs, and a household to take care of sometimes necessitate an increase in resources.


Finding a good side business doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to brainstorm impossible ideas - or even worse, spend huge sums of money on/make space for the right equipment for your new venture. No, if you feel like you are struggling to make ends meet at the end of the month, or that you simply need a new source of income that allows you to breathe and feel more comfortable with all your plans, just take a moment to wonder on how many amazing things you can do with what you already have. That’s when your car, or your van, can make a difference - for real. 


There are many companies and apps that facilitate the gig industry that can help you - while helping others. And needless to say, you only need three things: a good car, a good driving record, and probably a smartphone. In fact, this will be more than enough for you to start earning a considerable sum of money. Indeed, it’s pretty surprising how nowadays the world has shifted to a perspective where every vehicle owner is automatically able to have a considerable potential cash flow from their vehicle.


Do you want to know how to make money with your car in the UK in 2022? You have come to the right place. This article will show you at least 21 different ways and options that will secure a steady revenue. And we can assure you that some of them can even be fun! 


Become a driver for Uber or Bolt

The classic solution, ridesharing apps are the kings of the car-based side hustle, and still the most lucrative solution in the gig game. Two of the biggest companies in the UK are, of course, the rideshare giants Uber and Bolt: the first one obviously being the pioneer, whereas Bolt joined in on British territories only in 2019, but nonetheless considered the biggest competitor in the UK. Other companies that offer similar collaborations are  Via, Wheely, and Free Now


The way you make money is basically pretty simple - you get a request popping up in your app - the rest is all about the journey.  Just remember that, depending on where you are based and the apps you use, some of the requirements from these companies might vary. Certain apps require you to be over 21 and have a qualified car. Therefore, make sure you read and comply with the terms of the ridesharing provider before signing up. 


Become a food delivery driver

The explosion of delivery apps during the past years means that if you crave your favourite food but you are having a lazy day, you will almost certainly be able to have it delivered to your door. And if you are aiming to earn some extra cash, this translates into a great income opportunity just by sparing a few hours a day as a food delivery driver.


In the UK there are so many apps that are specifically designed for this mission: UberEats, Deliveroo, JustEat, and HungryHouse are the most popular options that will secure you swift shifts.  A car will guarantee the ability to accept longer and larger journeys - for a higher chance of a stable profit; and although you don’t necessarily need a vehicle to join in, it will get the job done with the least amount of effort.


Carry the Children Around

In the USA, apps like HopSkipDrive, a service founded by three working parents that are specifically intended to provide transport for your children, or the similar GoKid have started to successfully make their own way into the ridesharing business. As any parent knows, there are often times you would welcome assistance organising the myriads of activities required by your clan, and here reputable childcare providers can make all the difference. Companies like Kids Services in London always have their applications open for guardian drivers. Requirements can be a bit demanding - living at a maximum of 30 minutes distance from the client or taking a paediatric first-aid course. But for many, the chance to both earn money while contributing to your local neighbourhood is a match made in heaven.  


Get started with Kid Serivces London


Become a Mover-For-Hire

How big is your car? If it’s bulky enough it could turn you into a mover-for-hire, helping people move furniture.  If the idea of getting stuck in with some heavy furniture doesn’t put you off - or if you’re looking for the most natural of workouts - then apps like TaskRabbit ensure you can lock in a considerable number of shifts to move beds, bookshelves, mattresses, and more, from one house to another. If you prefer to fly solo, then you can use online sites like Gumtree - the upside is that they will allow you the freedom to set up your own rate. The rest lays all in your hands (literally).


Get started with TaskRabbit


Make Money at Car Boot Sales

Car boot sales are a fantastic way to increase your income and spend a nice day out surrounded by happy people - all while decluttering your house at the same time. It’s pretty easy to discover where the next car boot sale will take place in your area - just doing a general Google search or registering on Facebook groups will help you find a multitude of events advertised around the UK. You will only need to get your car well equipped, prepare the sandwiches, and get ready to show off your sales skills for a few hours.


Become a Grocery Delivery Driver

There is a variety of grocery-on-demand delivery services that provide part-time job opportunities for licensed drivers. Zapp, for example, delivers nationwide and promises same-day delivery. Similarly, you can become a driver for Dija or Gorillas, or a personal shopper for Weezy - which operates on the same basic principle. These apps allow you to work in your spare time or with flexible hours, so it’s a win-win if you need extra income or prefer to work longer hours.


Get started with Zapp

Get started with Gorillas

Get started with Weezy


Become an Amazon Flex Delivery Driver

Amazon is undoubtedly the largest worldwide marketplace for precisely anything - for good or bad, this growth doesn’t know limits. Getting started as an Amazon Flex delivery driver will allow you to use your car to make money fast and securely - as millions of shoppers are desperate to receive their packages on time. The Amazon Flex Program allows you to set your own hours, and simply head to the warehouse to pick up the packages to start your delivery shift. 


Get started with Amazon Flex 


Rent Your Car When You Can

If a friend borrowing your car makes you automatically agonise, then renting your vehicle might not epitomise a viable option to earn extra cash. But apps like Turo or Hiyacar represent a spot on clean source of income  - enabling to lease out your vehicle whenever you want. Turo is a guarantee for consumers - allowing you to list your car at rates that are 35% less compared to traditional agencies, it offers a great solution to circumvent the high prices of conventional car rental. 


Yes, we know, the fear of having your car stolen is always there. But on the bright side, you will get liability insurance, assured transactions, dispute arbitration, and free registration.  And you won’t have to worry about driving around the city to provide services. 


Get started with Hiyacar

Get started with Turo


Turn Your Car into a Mobile Billboard

Advertising on your car might not be the right solution for you if you don’t love to have all eyes on you - but it’s definitely lucrative - and depending on your shifts and companies you work with, it can take you to unexpected, fun places. Companies like the app-based Adverttu, ‘turns heads into customers’ with its striking on-vehicle advertisers, focuses on environmentally friendly solutions (if you are an EV owner then this job is for you!), helps local communities, and allows their drivers to a multitude of bonus and performance-based incentives. You don’t even have to wrap your car up into a logo-coated vehicle: there are many options available, like advertising only the rear of your car, or driving to specific locations rather than to your daily commute.


Get started with Adverttu

Loan Your Car to TV and Cinema

Have you invested in a classic car of which you are particularly proud? A great solution if you need some extra cash is to loan it out for weddings, TV productions, and films. Indeed, this is an option that automatically becomes distinctly lucrative if your vehicle is rare and time-honoured. Companies like Book a Classic or Star Car Hire are just waiting for you to sign up to their list of unique, sparkling roadsters.  Imagine the experience of seeing your own vehicle on screen.  And if it earns some money, so much the better.


Get started with Bookaclassic

Get started with Star Car Hire

Carpool with Strangers

Carpooling arranges a group of people to commute together by car. If you are the car owner, then you will save some money from the journey. Forming a shared ride generates a major environmental benefit, and Apps like Blablacar or Liftshare connect drivers with empty seats to passengers, allowing you to make friends on the way and save money on petrol costs.


Get started with Blablacar

Get started with Liftshare

Get started with Gocarshare

Become a Corporate Driver

You can still offer on-demand transportation services without driving for Uber or any big company. Start your own service and work with corporate clients that need transportation to events or client pick-up services, or look for specific companies that can help you with increasing your revenue. Executive chauffeur services are operative and available for a lot of different services - to transport people to important business meetings, special events, for VIP special occasions, or simply for a daily commute for clients that need some extra space and tranquillity. You can also decide to work on long-distance rides, which provide a great source of income for one-off shifts.


Get started with The Chaffeur Group

Start an Airport Shuttle Service

If you like to drive and meet people from around the world, then starting an airport shuttle service could be what you are looking for. In the UK, apps like Smartzi and Super Shuttle will ease your way in with flexibility, finding the right clients for you. Remember that an impeccable airport shuttle service requires good skills in organisation and service as a must. You can also set up your own website, creating your own start-up. In both cases, bear in mind that people travel with luggage, and an elegant solution for their transportation may require a more spacious vehicle - a not inconsiderable detail in this business.


Get started with Smartzi

Get started with Super Shuttle

Work for The Medical Transportation Service

Some drivers employed by the NHS can be volunteers and paid an allowance for using their vehicles.  Usually, when you join a medical transportation fleet in the UK, you will be provided training depending on the type of driving you are doing. Overall, it is a good idea to join a medical transportation service if you want to make a difference and you are comfortable with responsibility and working with ambulance care assistants, nurses, or donors carers. 

You can specialise in this area especially if you have a ramp or an easily accessible vehicle. 


Get more information on NHS Health Carers

Rent Your Parking Space

Yes, this may be the very best option if you simply don’t like the idea of driving to earn more money out of your car. Apps like Just Park, Your Parking Space, Spot Hero, Stashbee, Parklet, and many more give you the option to rent out your driveway with peace of mind. All of the drivers who will use your parking spot are registered and verified, so you always know who is in your spot, and the earnings are usually available after a few days that service is completed. Easy peasy.


Get started with Just Park
Get started with Your Parking Space

Work as a Mobile Mechanic

You need more skills than simply driving for this one, but if you have the right credentials as a mechanic then you can keep some basic auto repair equipment in your car and drive to your clients to perform repair or maintenance service. You can advertise your abilities on specific forums or websites, but some apps can do the job for you. ClickMechanic helps you maximize your revenue, helps you decide which jobs you want to take, and allows very flexible hours - so if you prefer to work only during weekends and holidays, you can - without losing potential clients.


Get started with ClickMechanic

Start a Mobile Pet Delivery Service

A sweet option for animal lovers is to provide pet transport and animal shipping services throughout the UK. Moving a pet from facilities to the comfort of their new homes is often a demanding job that buyers are happy to pay for. Remember that these trips might take a significant amount of time, as carrying an animal means you will have to stop for them to eat, drink and rest, and for dogs to have plenty of walks and toilet stops, so you have to love what you are doing. If you are thinking about making it into a real business, Pet2Places in the UK allows you to build your own franchise in your area.


Get more info at Pet2Places

Start a Laundry Delivery Service

Laundry has become more innovative of late, giving birth to the mobile laundry service, where you and your car will be required to visit customers and collect their laundry - but also, picking up and deliver dry cleaning and laundry to retail outlets and hotels. Manual handling of laundry cages and hamper bags might become a frequent activity, and you’ll have to accept the responsibility. But Apps like Laundryheap and Hellolaundry allow you to operate at times that are always convenient to you, and they assure earnings per hour and per task, plus reward bonuses.


Get started with Landryheap 

Get started with Laundrapp 

Get started with HelloLaundry

Become a Recycling Driver

If you care about the environment and make a difference while earning some cash with your car, then business ideas such as traveling to people’s homes to pick up recyclable goods like cardboard, plastics, and electronics can be the golden solution for your needs. Companies like First Mile and TFC Recycling offer great package benefits to start earning as regular drivers and they will allow you to play your part in protecting the planet while earning some extra income if you decide to opt for a part-time role. You only need a driving licence and you’ll be part of the green team in no time.


Get Started with First Mile 

Get started with TFC Recycling

Become a Courier Delivery Driver

As a courier driver, you will have to transport packages to various customers. Start your own service and then collaborate with business clients around your area that do not want to expedite deliveries on their own. Alternatively, you can get a fixed client flow, using apps like Favor, Hermes, and Yodel, which are the most popular apps in the UK if you are looking for extra earnings delivering goods of all sorts. 


Get started with Favor
Get started with Hermes

Get started wtth Yodel

Do Alcohol Home Deliveries

We all instinctively perceived the evidence that during the pandemic Google searches for local alcohol delivery shot up by 500%. As we can imagine, the numbers have gone down since then - but there are an incredible amount of delivery apps in the UK that will allow you to get any sort of booze at any time of the day - which is great if you are looking to use your vehicle for some paid shift. To get a job as a courier for gin, wine, and beer products one of the main requirements is that you will have to be over 21. Apart from that, Ziply’s and Beelivery’s applications are always open, offering part-time and full-time jobs, and flexible hours to boost your income and work around your commitments. 


Get started with Ziply 

Get started with Beelivery

A Final Note

Making money with your car is possible.  There are many efficient ways to earn while using your car, whether you decide to rent it, use it as a delivery service or become a driver yourself, there are multiple ways that will allow you to drive your car, or let it be driven by someone else, save money, earn more, and have some fun with it!


Make sure to have a full, clean driving licence, good insurance, and a vehicle in a good state, and then start earning some money! There are many platforms available that will bring in extra cash, delivering furniture or cupcakes, renting out your car, or getting paid for delivery dinner, the solutions are basically infinite!



Is it a good idea to use my car to earn extra cash?

With long commutes to work becoming more common, people are looking at ways to make their car useful for something other than transportation. And with inflation and gas bills expected to be rising high in the next months  (backlinks to my article on this), what’s better than using your car as an income generator?


How much money can I make driving my own vehicle?

Depends on money, experience, type of transport, and hours invested. There are several different ways if you are looking for extra income based on your car driving experience. Some of them include great benefits, others require particular skills: you can start by experimenting with different jobs and see what is best suited for you to turn your car into a money-making vehicle.

What are the best apps to earn extra money with my car?

There is a high number of apps that allow you to make money by driving, and more will probably launch this year as well. There are so many different options for each preference and circumstance.  The most popular app is Uber if you are looking for a steady income; in the UK, apps that generate a profitable flow of income are also Deliveroo, Bolt, AmazonFlex, and Hermes.


Is ridesharing a good solution for me?

Rideshare is certainly the most popular option if you want to earn with your car, and if you enjoy driving and chatting with people, it can also become a fun diversion. Uber’s pay structure, for example, is pretty elastic and effective, and it allows you to work on incentives and tips, leading to extra additional income. Remember that good insurance coverage is a must in this type of business, and that the conditions of your car will have to be impeccable at all times, as it will get checked by the companies you will work with.


Will I pay taxes if I drive my own car to make money?

Following the classic example, Uber and Ubereats drivers in the UK are all self-employed - and for this reason, they need to pay taxes at the end of the financial year. As companies like Uber do not withhold taxes from the income you earn as a driver, you will have to submit a tax return to HMRC. Generally, the answer is yes, you will pay taxes if you perform a job with your car.


Is it legal to make money with my car?

Yes, it’s definitely legal to use your car to earn some extra cash. However, make sure to have all the adequate licences and follow the procedures as stated by the company you have been hired from. And if you are flying solo, always remember to make sure that you have fulfilled all the necessary legal requirements to perform the job.

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