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A tech startup from the UK, co-founded by renowned electric car expert Andy Palmer, has recently unveiled the ‘world’s most intelligent’ electric scooter - the Hilo One.


The scooter was developed in collaboration with Lotus, and boasts visual, audible and haptic feedback, all aimed to deliver a safer riding experience.


The most notable feature is its 'Halo' illumination system, which is reportedly controlled by artificial intelligence (AI). Able to project a full perimeter of light around the vehicle, this system serves to alert pedestrians and other road users to the presence of the scooter. 


Other distinctive attributes include haptic feedback through the handlebars and audio signals that integrate with the illumination system. 


Furthermore, the scooter can be conveniently folded for storage at home, in the office, or even in a car, and the front wheel is 12.5-inches, said to provide more stability and control for the rider.  


The Hilo One adheres to regulations in regions where e-scooters are legalised, limiting its maximum speed to 15.5 mph. With an estimated range of 25 miles, the scooter is powered by two 350w electric motors.


The battery can be replenished at home or via an in-car charger. 


The vehicle also implements Android Auto, enabling the sharing of navigation details and range information between the Hilo One and the car.


Pricing for the Hilo One begins at £1,750, though it should be noted that privately owned e-scooters remain prohibited for use in public spaces in the UK. 


However, it is anticipated that the government will soon review this legislation.

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Harry Leahey 12/06/23