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Watt Electric Vehicle Company (WEVC), a Cornish manufacturer of low-volume electric vehicles, has announced the launch of its latest EV platform, dubbed the eCV1.


The new platform is designed to serve as the basis for a variety of commercial vehicles, according to the company.


WEVC, which was established last year following the merger of three electric vehicle startups, said the eCV1 platform is versatile enough to support both 3.5-tonne chassis cabs and panel vans. 


The company plans to produce up to 5000 vehicles per year, offering a range of flexible options.


The eCV1 platform is said to be based on its Passenger and Commercial EV Skateboard (PACES) architecture, which can be used for front, rear and all-wheel-drive powertrains, as well as for both commercial and passenger vehicles. 


The company says its latest platform utilises a "cell-to-chassis" system, where the batteries are integrated into the main structure to reduce weight and enhance stiffness.


ECV1 vehicles will also have a central driving position designed for improved entry and exit and better visibility. 


Additionally, the architecture permits a larger window area, enabling the A-pillars to be repositioned inwards. This is claimed to reduce drag - improving efficiency.


The eCV1 platform can also accommodate enough space to stand up in, creating a "walk-through" cabin intended for urban delivery vehicles. 


WEVC aims to build various commercial vehicles with the PACES architecture, starting with vehicles suitable for the 3.5t and 4.25t commercial vehicle segments, and weighing as little as 1750kg.


Neil Yates, founder and CEO of Watt Electric Vehicles, said: “The industry is rapidly moving to a zero-emission future, working with WEVC and our eCV1 platform will allow customers to benefit from electrified commercial vehicles tailored to exactly meet their needs.


“As the electrification of the transport sector accelerates what we are seeing from customers is the need for a ready-to-go, sophisticated yet cost-effective electric commercial vehicle offering.


“With our first product, the eCV1, we have really re-thought what is possible, and over the coming months will reveal full details of the further unique features that make it a truly revolutionary light electric commercial vehicle.”

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Harry Leahey 20/02/23