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Nissan has taken the wraps off its fourth generation X-Trail, a hybrid crossover which comes equipped with the brand’s unique e-power drivetrain. 


The system comprises a 1.5-litre petrol engine which, instead of sending power to the wheels, is alternatively tasked with generating energy to power the battery. The battery then delivers that power to the electric motors which moves the wheels. 


Nissan says this setup means the X-Trail doesn’t need to recharge and feels like an electric car to drive, since the car’s 243 lb-ft of torque comes smoothly and without delay.


In order to send power to all four wheels, the 4WD X-Trail comes with an additional electric 100kWh motor at the rear, delivering 48.6mpg. 


For the 2WD-only model, the car can also come with a more conventional mild-hybrid system, which involves the same engine paired to an Xtronic transmission. 


When decelerating, the X-Trail is able to recover energy through regeneration, which it later stores in its Lithium-ion battery. This charged energy is then used to run the car’s systems while the engine is stopped at a pair of traffic lights for example. 


Available in five and seven-seat configurations, power output from the 2WD version is 201bhp, while the 4WD model delivers slightly more at 211bhp. 


Inside the new X-Trail is a 12.3-inch infotainment display which supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Of the same size is another display behind the steering wheel, which comes with a number of configurable layouts to display navigation, music and vehicle information. 


Rather than touchscreen controls, Nissan has chosen to opt for physical, tactile buttons to operate the car’s climate control settings. 


Positioned as Nissan’s flagship model for European markets, it is priced from £32,030 for the 2WD five-seater model without the e-power drivetrain, while the range-topping 4WD seven seater is priced at £48,155. 


Orders can be made now ahead of deliveries in October. 


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Harry Leahey 30/09/22