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Renault has announced its plans to introduce the latest version of its prominent Master van before the end of November. The company has released a teaser image that partially reveals the van, highlighting a sleeker, more streamlined shape.

Renault's upcoming Master is set to debut with an "Aerovan" design, which the company asserts will enhance fuel economy for models with traditional engines and extend the electric Master E-Tech's driving range by up to 21 percent. 

The existing Master E-Tech can travel up to 126 miles, in contrast to the Ford E-Transit's 196 miles and the Fiat e-Ducato's maximum of 230 miles.

Renault's forthcoming Master E-Tech might offer various battery capacities, akin to the options available with the e-Ducato and the newly released second-gen Mercedes eSprinter. 

The current Master E-Tech has a single 52kWh battery that supports charging at a maximum of 22kW. On the other hand, the eSprinter and E-Transit can charge at 115kW when connected to an appropriate DC fast charger.


The reveal of the next-gen Renault Master is set for the Solutrans Motor Show in Lyon, France, beginning on November 21, 2023.


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Harry Leahey 08/11/23