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The BMW Digital Key, which allows users to access their vehicle through their smartphone, can now be shared between iPhone and Android devices. Previously, the key could only be shared through Apple's iMessage service. 

As a result, the key can now be shared through various messaging services, such as email or WhatsApp, and can be added to the recipient's Apple or Google Wallet by clicking on a link. 

It can also be shared through Apple AirDrop or Android Nearby Share when the owner and recipient are in close proximity, meaning there is no specific app from BMW needed for sharing to work.

BMW says the new feature is available for all new vehicles with the BMW Digital Key or BMW Digital Key Plus, and older vehicles can also use it once their software has been updated (22-11 software update or later.​​​​).​

It is initially available for compatible iPhones running iOS 16.1 or later, and Google smartphonee running Android 13 or later, though support for Samsung devices is coming soon. 

The development is the result of a collaboration between BMW and its partners under the Car Connectivity Consortium, which the company says represents “progress towards making smartphones fully interoperable as digital vehicle keys.

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Harry Leahey 23/12/22