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Renault has become the first car brand to integrate Waze, a widely used navigation app, directly into its model’s multimedia systems. 

The company says its implementation “naturally offers drivers greater comfort and safety” over pairing a smartphone to a car. 

It works via Renault's latest Google-powered OpenR Link touchscreen display, and can be downloaded directly from the car’s pre-installed Google Play app. 

So far, only the Austral crossover - the replacement for the Kadjar, and the Megane e Tech come equipped with the French firm’s Open R screen. 

Aron Di Castro, director of marketing and partnerships at Waze, said: “As more and more Waze users join us on in-car platforms, and as this type of technology continues to evolve, it is important that we provide them with the best driving experiences.

“That’s why we are pleased and proud to announce our partnership with Renault. The integration of Waze’s real-time routes, navigation and alerts into the screen of Renault’s next-generation vehicles offers a smoother and more streamlined driving experience.”

Signalling the likelihood of Waze interaction coming to other Renault models, Castro added: “We look forward to bringing this all-new driving experience to as many users around the world as possible in 2023.” 

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Harry Leahey 06/12/22