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The Jeep 4ex have collaborated with Kiri Technology on a programme that rewards vehicle users based on their environmentally conscious driving behaviours. The program is developed by a green tech company known as Kiri Technologies in partnership with the Stellantis e-mobility business unit.

Mauro Di Benedetto and Luca Rubino founded Kiri Technologies, a London-based start-up green company. Kiri works to tackle climate change and is recognised as the most innovative start-up business in Europe. Kiri's purposeful mission is to defeat climate change by accelerating the adoption of green behaviours through an innovative approach to our environmentally conscious society.


Valid across 13 European countries, the system is built into the Jeep mobile app, with the service within the app essentially rewarding users who charge and optimise the use of their plug-in hybrid Jeep 4ex. Regular users get rewarded with KiriCoin, the first sustainability currency. It can be spent in the Kiri Marketplace, designed by Kiri Technologies with over 350 sustainably produced brands.

KiriCoin is not classified as a cryptocurrency; you can only be rewarded through the app and use the coins earned to redeem the products through the marketplace. In the Jeep app, users have access to multiple services. Users can view their charging performance, driving styles, and KiriCoin balance. The concept behind the programme is to encourage the public and private charging of the Jeep 4ex models and the customer use of driving in the 'full-electric' mode. In a nutshell, Antonella Bruno, Head of Jeep Brand for Europe, states, "the more you charge, the more you drive with respect for the environment, the more you reduce the running costs of your Jeep and… the more KiriCoin you receive."

"On March 1st, our CEO Carlos Tavares unveiled images of the first 100% electric Jeep as part of the Stellantis strategic plan. And Kiri forms part of this sustainable journey for the brand", Bruno concludes.

Kiri Technologies and KiriCoin

KiriCoin is claimed to be the first eco-friendly digital coin. You can discover all purchasing offers through the Kiri Marketplace with various exclusive offers from all Green Merchants throughout the site.

"For almost two years now, we have been actively collaborating with Stellantis, one of the most advanced companies in the transition to a more sustainable world. To follow our links with Fiat, the partnership with Jeep is moving towards further expanding the user base who earn Kiri Coin, the first true currency of sustainability", said Mauro Di Benedetto, CEO of Kiri Technologies.

Working in partnership with Kiri Technologies, Stellantis could be recognised as one of the world's leading automakers and mobility providers, with an extensive portfolio of car brands, including Jeep, Peugeot, Fiat, Maserati, etc. The Stellantis partnership is confirmed as the only mobility provider to endorse and promote the rewarding scheme by driving sustainably with Kiri.

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Manija Noori 01/11/22