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Lancia has unveiled a sculpture which is said to tease the firm's future design plans for new, all-electric Ypsilon and Delta models. 


An as-yet-unnamed flagship will also lead the firm’s fully electric line-up, which is planned to be complete by 2028. 


Dubbed the Pura, the concept was presented at today’s Lanica Design Day, which Lanica CEO Luca Napolitano praised as marking “ a new era” and “renaissance” for the Italian firm. 


To the front of the Pura sculpture is a reinterpretation of Lanic’s iconic “calice” grill, which now appears as three, slick LED bars for a futuristic look. 


Meanwhile to the back are circular tail lights, inspired by the Lancia Stratos rally car from the 1970s. 


Design cues from the rear end of the Pura are expected to initially feature on the new Ypsilon, which is planned to launch in 2024 as an all-electric supermini. It will adopt the STLA Small electric platform from automotive conglomerate and parent company, Stellantis. 


The company says its next generation of battery powered Lanicas will also benefit from a new partnership with Italian design firm Cassina for their interiors, which the firm says will reveal in April next year. 


Lanica also unveiled a new logo as part of its electrified reboot - an eighth iteration in the brand's 166-year history. 


It retains the familiar outer shield shape from previous versions, as well as a shiny, blue background. Unlike other automakers, which appear to be opting for more flatter designs, Lancia’s chosen a more three-dimensional look, which brings back the vertical line on the left from its emblem of 1957.  


The new Ypsilon will be the first to bear the new badge, which will be made of aluminum.

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Harry Leahey 28/11/22