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The UK Government has implemented fresh regulations with the goal of ensuring that fast electric vehicle (EV) chargers achieve 99 percent reliability.


The new guidelines, known as the Public Charge Point Regulations 2023, are also aimed at delivering more transparent pricing, facilitating more convenient payments and promoting open data.


It is hoped the move will enhance the charging experience for electric vehicle (EV) users, encourage more drivers to adopt EVs, and support the growth of the EV industry in the UK.


All chargers with a capacity exceeding 8kW (excluding slow chargers and lamppost chargers) will be required to offer contactless payment options within the next year to make charging an EV simpler and more convenient, and all public chargers must provide real-time status updates free of charge.


Charge point operators (CPOs) will also be obligated to maintain transparent pricing, establish roaming agreements with third parties within two years and ensure the availability of 24/7 helplines for all chargers.


Reacting to the new regulation, Edmund King, President of the AA said: "We welcome this step and are pleased that the government has responded to our requests to instil more confidence in charging away from home.


"A 99 percent reliability requirement and live chargepoint information will enable drivers to see the benefits of electric vehicles in real-time.


"For three years, we have assisted several chargepoint providers through our EV Support Service. By offering 24-hour telephone support at chargepoints, we can help drivers get back on the road quickly."


Simon Williams, the spokesperson for electric vehicles at RAC, added:  "This has the potential to reassure many more individuals that transitioning to an electric vehicle is a sensible choice, especially as we approach 2030, the deadline for discontinuing the sale of new petrol and diesel cars." 

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Harry Leahey 13/07/23