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Mycle, a British e-bike manufacturer, has decided to lower the initial costs of its Comfort step-through and Cadence hybrid e-bike models from £1299 to £999. 


This reduction in price means that the company now has three e-bike models priced below £1000, including the Compact e-bike at £999. 


The motivation behind this move, according to Mycle, is to address concerns that the ongoing cost-of-living challenges may prevent a considerable number of individuals from acquiring an electric bike.


The move comes following a recent study from market research firm, Mintel, which found that UK e-bike sales had fallen 3.1 percent last year, citing the cost of loving as one of the reasons for the slump. 


Mycle broadened its bicycle range to nine models last year by introducing the Comfort and Cadence bicycles.


Mycle's first hybrid e-bike is the Cadence, which is equipped with a 250W rear-hub motor that generates up to 45 Nm of torque. It is also powered by a 7.8Ah battery that can travel up to 28 miles on a single charge. Additionally, it can be fitted with a rack, making it a versatile option for both commuting and recreational purposes.


Meanwhile, Mycle's Comfort e-bike model is a city bike with a step-through frame. It features a rear rack, and a 10.4Ah battery, offering a claimed range of 28 miles. 


In addition, the company has also lowered the price of its Compact Plus model by £100 to £1199, while the Charge model has been discounted from £1599 to £1299.


All of the models, including the discounted ones, can be purchased through the Cycle to Work scheme or directly from the Mycle website, and each bike is covered by a one-year MycleCare warranty.

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Harry Leahey 16/02/23