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As the cost of living crisis continues to affect people across the United Kingdom, a recent study from ŠKODA UK has now returned results showing that one fifth of UK drivers are less likely to use their cars this festive season. It also found that 23 percent of UK drivers are planning to reduce the use of their cars during the Christmas holidays. 

The research also indicates that, in the UK, people living in London and the South East are those that are most expected to crack down on car use. However, participants in the North East of England, Wales and Northern Ireland are not as likely to reduce the amount they drive. 

The study has also shown that motorists in the UK are set to cover an average of 95.1 miles over the Christmas period, between 23 December and 2 January. Drivers in the East of England are expected to travel an average of 81 miles, which is the lowest in the UK. Meanwhile those in Scotland will cover the highest UK average of around 115 miles.

Statistics from the RAC show that the average price of petrol in the UK in 2021 was 133.36p per litre, with diesel at 136.05p. This year has seen a marked increase, at 166.66p for petrol and 175.99p for diesel. This will no doubt be a contributing factor to the findings provided by ŠKODA UK, and only adds to the cost of living crisis that is currently showing no signs of slowing down. 

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Harry Leahey 22/12/22