Apollo has developed what it claims to be ‘Europe’s first all-season’ tyre that’s specifically designed for EVs and hybrids. 


Named the Vredestein Quatrac Pro EV, the tyre is said to deliver superior handling and stability, significantly lower levels of rolling resistance, and a quieter and more comfortable ride. 


The company says its latest tyre boasts 15 percent lower rolling resistance than Vredestein’s best-performing all-season tyre for conventional vehicles, which helps reduce energy consumption and thus, increases range. 


Apollo says this has been achieved using a “carefully optimised blend of fourth-generation polymers” and a ‘smart’ silica for the tread, rip cushion and carcass. 


The tyre also features a weight-saving construction, which involves thinner sidewalls and lighter materials for the belt and internal layers.    


Compared to its all-season siblings, the changes to its EV specific tyre are claimed to result in a six percent improvement in handling performance, which Apollo notes will be ideal for managing the elevated torque and higher vehicle weight of typical, modern EVs. 


Such is its ability to manage higher vehicle mass, the company says it has become the world’s first all-season tyre to be certified with the HL mark, signifying ‘High Load’ readiness (255/40 R 20 variant). 


This has been achieved through a series of design changes, such as the outside shoulder of the new tyre being wider than the inner to resist lateral deformation. 


The Vredestein Quatrac Pro EV will come initially in seven dimensions for both 18 and 19-inch rims from tyre dealers and distributors from December. 


From next year, 12 more options will be available for other sizes, including 17 and 20-inch versions.

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