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Germany-based brand Advanced is bringing its Reco e-bike to the UK, which it says features a fully recyclable frame. 


It is made from plastic granulate and recycled carbon fibre - sourced from the automotive industry. 


Advanced says this combination saves up to 68% CO2 compared to a frame made of aluminium or a frame made of new, layered carbon fibre.


The frame is said to take just 90 seconds to make thanks to the brand’s complex injection moulding technology, which Advanced says creates an “extremely robust” recyclable material. 


Coming in a choice of three colours (two Gloss and one Matte finish), the Reco’s frame can either come as a step-through design called Wave, or a diamond frame called…Diamond. 


It comes as the Reco e-bike was recently awarded a Design and Innovation Award, having been noted for its environmentally friendly frame and performance. 


As well as featuring a 100% recyclable frame, the Advanced Reco also comes equipped with a Performance CX electric motor from Bosch, which can provide up to 85 Nm of torque and a top speed of 15mph. 


There are also traditional chain drive and belt drive configurations. The chain drive version, comes with Shimano Deore derailleur gears and a suspension fork, as well as a choice of batteries - 635 or 750Wh. 


The low maintenance belt drive version has Shimano Nexus 5 hub gears, as well as either a 500 or 625Wh battery. 


Available to order before the Christmas period, the Advanced Rico will start from £4,549, while the models with the larger batteries will start from £4,749. 



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Harry Leahey 14/10/22