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The new line of Bianchi e-bikes, called E-Vertic, features an innovative design intended to improve the ride. Bianchi aims to bring the MTB (mountain bike) experience, enjoyment and adrenaline to the Urban and Tourer worlds with its distinctively high-impact design that improves off-road performance.

The line-up includes a range of five e-bikes, all consisting of their own sets of unique features and pricings that differentiates them from one another. The product line ranges from £2,494 (€2,949) to around £4,482 (€5,299) emphasising the vast variation between the models of this range.


Beginning in January 2023, the new e-Vertic FX-Type Pro will be offered in its original iridescent green colour with a matte anthracite base. The full carbon e-Vertic FX-Type Pro model, which is stated to combine performance, experience, and style in an attempt to set the bar for the entire collection in terms of total performance.

An e-MTB with a revolutionary design that can offer maximum power to handle the singletrack parts was devised by Bianchi engineers and designers. Additionally, Bianchi engineers relocated the power package backwards and reduced the battery position to create an e-MTB with a lower centre of gravity for improved handling and response in the toughest terrain.

The frame's progressive geometries are intended to guarantee responsiveness and accuracy. In fact, the E-Vertic FX-Type Pro is said to have a relatively short carbon frame that enables all required power to be transferred to the back wheel.

The front end also has a 66 degree open head angle that creates stability while riding. The 50mm stem and the 780mm handlebar, for example, are specific parts that provide the E-Vertic FX-Type Pro with an incredibly accurate ride sensation.

The Bosch Performance Line CX motor unit, which has 85Nm of torque and a built-in 750Wh Powertube battery that allows a maximum range of 155km, completes the new e-Vertic FX-Type Pro.


The e-Vertic FX-Type and e-Vertic X-Type were both developed using the same technological and aesthetic principles as the FX-Type Pro.

The e-Vertic FX-Type ensures almost the same answers on the most difficult singletrack, with 140mm of front and rear travel. The colours green, red and light blue are offered for the FX-Type with a starting price of £4,482 (€5,299)

The X-Type, starting from a respectable difference of £2,959 (€3,499), is a hardtail with a different frame that is distinguished by the agility that the front frame can provide in the most complex portions. It includes an e-MTB with a 100mm fork and a 625Wh Bosch Performance Line CX battery. The colours offered with the E-Vertic X-type are light blue, red and grey.


The e-Vertic T-Type and C-Type are available for those who want their regular bikes to have a little extra performance. The step-through frame, integrated mudguard-luggage rack system and load capacity of up to 25kg are just a few of the features that distinguish the Tourer and Urban versions of the e-Vertic.

These features make it easier to get on and off the saddle even when wearing regular clothing. The 65 Lux light system - which includes front and rear lights - ensures active and passive visibility. The difference being that the T-Type starts from £2,579 (€3,049) and the C-Type from £2,494 (€2,949).

The Bosch Performance Line CX motor and a dual 400Wh and 500Wh battery option are available for the Tourer and Urban versions. While the C-Type is available in ‘elegant grey’ and ‘champagne', the E-Vertic T-Type is available in 'grey', 'emerald green' and 'gold stone'.

It is now available to browse the range and enquire online via:

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