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Swedish electric motorcycle company Cake has introduced a new two-wheeler called the Åik, which it says combines the characteristics of an e-bike with a motorcycle, due to its high power and range. 

Dubbed the Åik, the electric utility bike features a 250W motor delivering a top speed of 20mph with throttle-assist. Power is drawn from a 750Wh battery, though with space for two more, a claimed range of 224 miles can be provided with additional battery units. 

Cake says each battery takes three hours to charge from 0-100 percent via a standard charger. 

These batteries can also be used to power external devices such as power tools and mobile devices. 

The bike also offers four ride modes: Reach, Efficiency, Power and a Walk Assist function.

Coming in at 30kg, the machine has a modular aluminium frame with a design similar to the Ösa. This means external accessories, such as a basket or a passenger seat can be attached for greater functionality. Its maximum cargo capacity is 200kg. 

The Åik is priced at £5,730, and can be pre-ordered now ahead of deliveries to start in May. 

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Harry Leahey 06/01/23