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Danish e-bike manufacturer Mate has introduced a new electric cargo bike that aims to provide a sustainable alternative to SUVs for short urban trips. 

The three-wheeled vehicle, called the Mate SUV, is said to be designed to be a genuine substitute to a car for journeys of less than five miles.

It is made from up to 90 percent of recycled aluminium, and is equipped with a 250W mid-drive motor that produces 89 Nm of torque, and a claimed electric assist range of 62 miles. The Mate SUV also features internal gears from Envilio, hydraulic twin disc brakes, shock-absorbing materials and LED lights. 

Meanwhile, onboard tech includes 4G connectivity, which allows for vehicle tracking and control via a smartphone app. 

The cargo area at the front of the vehicle can be fitted with a variety of modular options, including a box, roof, and seats, and has a storage capacity of 210 litres. 

It is expected to be priced at around £5,600. However, available for pre-order now for £49, the company is offering a 20 percent discount on reservations.

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Harry Leahey 03/01/23