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Cambridge-based e-bike provider, FLIT, has updated its original 16 folding e-bike with a second generation model.


In a bid to make it more commuter-friendly, the new version is now lighter, dropping from 15.35kg to 14kg (battery included).


Thanks to a single-sided fork, the M2, when packaged up, is also much smaller size than its predecessor with dimensions of 797 x 600 x 305 mm, Additionally, the M2 continues to utilize the ‘trifold’ shape adopted by the 16. 


FLIT has also stated that the smaller, lighter rear hub motor is more powerful than its predecessor, and will be paired with a single gear and removable battery pack to enable easy recharging throughout the day.


Further upgrades include an anodised finish to the frame, as opposed to paint, in addition to a custom lightweight crank, cabling hidden within the frame and a front light. A colour display is also included. 


It will be available for pre-order in the near future, with deliveries set to commence from August 2023. The FLIT M2 will begin at £2,499, with various options also potentially in the works. 

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Harry Leahey 03/03/23