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Italian-American brand AEHRA, a new global premium electric mobility brand, has revealed further details and images about its first product. 


A name has not yet been disclosed for the all-electric car, but the avantgarde-esque exterior has meant the short overhangs, three-metre long wheelbase and flat floor has left room for the SUV’s designers to be imaginative. As a result, they’ve created a vehicle that enables both drivers and passengers alike to transform the interior for multiple purposes. 


For a start, the extended wheelbase makes it a competitive rival to other global manufacturers in terms of cabin space. Four and five-seat layouts will be made available, with multiple interior configurations allowing for three settings within it: home theatre, meeting room and lounge. 


A standout feature of the AEHRA SUV is its distinctive HMI (Human Machine Interface) screen, which stretches the length of the dashboard, and also adjusts its positioning depending on the mode that the car is set to. 


In drive mode, the screen sits in a slightly lower stance so the driver can easily see the car’s information, access the driving dynamics, and adjust creature comforts such as the heating and navigation guidance. The two outer sections of the HMI screen act as wing mirrors, receiving and relaying information gathered from externally placed cameras. 


When the vehicle is parked up, occupants have the option of repositioning the HMI screen upwards to enable the interior to act as a home theatre or an office space, so work-related activities like meetings can be completed. 


In the past, manufacturers have struggled to adopt a flexible and expansive HMI screen like this as it would be placed too close to the front passenger’s eyes. The brand has filed a patent for its HMI solution, and if approved, would make it the first of its kind within the automotive industry. 


Accompanying the main screen will be a secondary, smaller oblong-shaped touchscreen along the hand-stitched leather dashboard. It is stationed between the driver and passenger, and allows further control of some of the SUV’s functionality settings. Above the top section of the steering wheel will also be a small digital strip, providing key information to the driver such as range and speed. 


Hazim Nada, AEHRA’s CEO and Co-Founder, said: 


“The exterior monobody architecture enables us to create a unique dashboard that positions the HMI screen in such a way that a traditional layout does not allow. The result is a real workstation or lounge experience for the front row passengers, with a similar setup to that which people have become accustomed to working with at the office or enjoying at home.”


The SUV’s seats are constructed from a combination of aluminium, recyclable carbon fibre and leather. For added comfort, rear seat passengers also have the option to recline their seats. 


The manufacturer previously stated that it will look to fit a 120kW battery that will be paired with three electric motors - one at the front and two at the rear. This could provide a potential output of around 805bhp. The battery is said to be sourced from an as of yet unnamed Asian company, and if its plans to fit a 120kW capacity battery are achieved, it would make it the largest ever fitted to a production EV.


AEHRA has also announced plans to follow-up the SUV with an alternative saloon option, with more details arriving in April 2023. The brand will look to release its SUV in late 2025, with primary markets including Europe and North America, in addition to China and the Gulf States. Rumours currently suggest a price tag just north of £150,000. 

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Shafiq Abidin 21/12/22