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Kia has released official images of its flagship all-electric EV9 SUV. 


It features the firm’s latest ‘tiger face’ grille up front, which appears as an expansive smooth panel which spans the width of the car. From behind are customisable LED light patterns that can shine through - a feature which appeared on the original concept car from 2021.


The grill is flanked by a pair of daytime running lights which look like they have been inspired by sheet music, stretching from the bumper into the fender. 


The same can be said for the car’s rear lights too, which vertically stretch from the point of the car’s tailgate to its rear roof spoiler. 


Also carried over from the concept car are large black wheel arches, which gives the high-riding vehicle a more rugged look, though it remains unknown for now as to what size wheels they will be housing. 


Inside the EV9 includes a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel and a widescreen 12.3-inch infotainment display on the dash. However, unlike its EV6 sibling, the EV9 also has an additional 5-inch screen in the middle to“ improve the digital experience”. 


Below the screens are climate control buttons, a departure from haptic controls which have been adopted by other Kia models, while the shift lever can be found on the steering column. 


According to Kia, the front and second-row seats in the EV9 can recline, enabling passengers to relax and rest while the car is charging.


As with the concept, the second-row seats can rotate 180 degrees to face the third-row seats, and up to seven occupants can be seated in total. 


While Kia has unveiled the exterior and interior of the car, the company has not yet disclosed any information about performance or technical specifications. However, the maximum range of the car is expected to be 337 miles. 


The car is also said to have approximately 200mm more space between its wheels than the EV6, suggesting a maximum battery capacity of around 100kWh. 


Since the EV9 shares the 800V-equipped E-GMP platform with the EV6 and the Hyundai Ioniq 5, we can anticipate a high charge rate of 350kW for a range of 62 miles in just six minutes.  


The EV9 will also have rear- and four-wheel drive powertrain options and a limited selection of trim levels. Like the EV6, sportier versions of the EV9 will form part of the car’s range, such as a twin-motor GT-Line S model, and a range topping EV9 GT variant. Expect that to compete with high performance rivals such as the Mercedes-AMG EQS SUV, which makes 536bhp. 


Kia has yet to confirm how much its latest model will cost, though is expected to be considerably more then the EV6, which currenty starts from just over £45,000, and will go on sale later this year. 

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Harry Leahey 15/03/23