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Italian brand Lancia has finally lifted the veil on its long-awaited Pu+Ra HPE Concept. 


The concept car pays homage to some of Lancia's iconic models from the past, while offering a glimpse of what the Italian automaker has in store for the European EV market in the coming years. 


The name "Pu+Ra" is derived from "pure and radical," while "HPE" stands for "High Performance Electric." 


To the rear of the car are horizontal blinds - a design cue synonouse with the iconic Stratos from the 70s, as well as circular tail lights and new Lancia lettering. 


The 'calice' LED front light bar meanwhile is said to have been inspired by the chrome motifs from the Delta and Aurelia models, while the interior features velvet-covered front seats, and a large piece of round glass which acts as the car’s dashboard and infotainment screen. 


From the pictures released, it looks to fold down in order to display Lancia’s new-generation infotainment system called ‘Sala’, which can be controlled via voice commands or touch screen. Essential driving data meanwhile is displayed on a smaller screen, integrated into the centre of the steering wheel. 


The company says up to 70 percent of the materials used across the interior are recycled, and that its production cars are targeted to use up to 50 percent of recycled materials.


The concept does not preview a future production car, but instead showcases Lancias' new design direction, sustainability and reinvention for its EV era.  


The Stellantis-owned firm did however hint that design elements from the concept will be adopted by upcoming models, such as the Ypsilon, set to launch with hybrid and EV options next year, as well as a new all-electric saloon in 2026.


These cars will use Stellantis’ ev-centric STLA platforms, which also underpin models from sibling brands, such as Alfa Romeo and Maserati. 


Technical details and performance figures have not been released, though Lancia says the concept is “a joy to drive”. 

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Harry Leahey 17/04/23