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Lancia has revealed its all-electric Ypsilon supermini, ahead of its public debut on February 14th in Milan.

Despite sharing its foundation with the Corsa and Peugeot 208, and mirroring their dimensions, the team behind Lancia's design has pushed boundaries to forge a distinct identity for the Ypsilon.

One of the most striking features of the Ypsilon is its front design, which draws inspiration from the Lancia Pu+Ra HPE concept unveiled in 2023. A standout element is the three-strake daytime running lights known as ‘the calice’, positioned above the main headlight assemblies. The frontal design is complemented by a substantial air intake and an angular splitter on the bumper.

Turning attention to the rear, it's clear that the design cues have been borrowed from the legendary Lancia Stratos, a force in the World Rally Championship during the 1970s. These include the circular LED tail-lights and the prominent shelf finished in black. Adding to this, the rear is adorned with large 'Lancia' lettering, and an additional brake light is discreetly placed beneath the roof spoiler.

The Ypsilon's aesthetics are further enhanced with numerous 'Y' shaped motifs, including in the tail-lights and the design of the alloy wheels showcased in the images.

The interior of the Ypsilon is no less distinctive, featuring blue velvet ribbed seat upholstery, a flat-bottomed steering wheel, and an innovative circular platform dubbed as a “multifunctional table”. Although not designed for dining purposes, it serves as a convenient spot for resting a tablet or similar devices, especially when the vehicle is charging.

This multifunctional table incorporates a wireless charging pad and is adorned with a leather panel that carries the Cassina special edition logo, a nod to the collaboration with the esteemed Italian furniture brand Cassina. This partnership resulted in the Ypsilon Cassina first edition, of which only 1906 units were produced.

The Ypsilon introduces a two-tier cockpit layout, featuring a digital instrument panel set back into the dashboard, while the central touchscreen extends slightly, making it more accessible to the driver. Positioned beneath the touchscreen are tactile switches for climate control, with the gear selector and start/stop button conveniently placed on the centre console.

A pioneering feature of the Ypsilon is the introduction of Lancia's new S.A.L.A infotainment system, an acronym for ‘Sound Air Light Augmentation’. This customizable, widget-based interface allows users to adjust the vehicle's ambiance with ease, using gestures or voice commands.


The electric Ypsilon boasts an impressive range of up to 250 miles, positioning it as a direct competitor to the upcoming MINI Cooper. It is likely powered by a 154bhp electric motor and a 54kWh battery, similar to those found in the Corsa Electric and E-208, with a maximum charging speed of 100kW.

Petrol and potentially mild-hybrid versions are expected to follow thanks to the  CMP/e-CMP platform. 

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