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Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that the next-generation E-Class will be unveiled on April 25.


Ahead of its official unveiling, the firm has teased its design, which looks to resemble the silhouette of its larger S-Class sibling, with a longer profile than the outgoing car and a sloping roofline. 


It comes after the firm released official images last February showing the car’s interior with the optional MBUX Superscreen installed,  which is essentially a digital dashboard resembling that of EQE, with two screens beneath a single sheet of glass.  


In addition to the above is a digital instrument panel and an optional head-up display.  


Mercedes-Benz has yet to release any details on the powertrain options for the forthcoming E-Class, but is predicted to come with mild-hybrid technology and a choice of four-cylinder  petrol and diesel engines. 


Plug-in hybrid versions are also expected, while the range-topping AMG-spec models have been reported to be swapping V8 petrol power in favour of a new, straight-six plug-in hybrid system. 


Pricing also remains unconfirmed, but is speculated to start from around £60,000, positioning it in the middle of its smaller C-Class sibling (£45,165) and the flagship S-Class model (£74,345). 

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