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Mercedes-Benz has unveiled the new interior of its latest, sixth-generation E-Class, featuring the firm’s latest MBUX Superscreen setup.


The MBUX Superscreen is made up of high resolution, digital displays which span the full length of the cars’ dash - a feature which can already be found in the fully electric EQE saloon. 


It combines a free-standing digital instrument cluster with a central infotainment display, plus an additional display for the passenger as an optional add-on. The infotainment and passenger screens are integrated into the dash under a single piece of glass.


However, Mercedes appreciates this design may not be for everyone, which is why the German marque is offering separate instrument and portrait-style infotainment screens too, should this layout be preferred. 


The MBUX system for the new E-Class has also undergone some visual changes, with the design of the icons and menu now modified to resemble smartphone tiles for easier and more customizable navigation.


Mercedes says the software is now powered by a single processor, unlike the previous car’s use of multiple processors for varying functions. According to Mercedes, this newly developed software-focused architecture enables faster data streams, and facilitates advanced software updates. 


In addition to a faster MBUX system, The E-Class features new AI-powered software that enables the MBUX to adjust to the driver's personal habits. For example,  the software can monitor the driver's routines and can automatically set the air conditioning temperature accordingly.


There's also an optional Entertainment Plus package available, providing 5G connectivity and other connected services. 


In a bid to further declutter the E-Class’ interior, the new car does away with the infotainment control pad found on the centre console, while the infotainment screen now incorporates digital air-conditioning controls for a sleeker, more cleaner look. 


In the sound department, Mercedes has equipped the 2024 E-Class with a 17-speaker Burmester 4D surround sound system as standard. It includes transducers located in the front seats with support for Dolby Atmos technology, as well as Spatial Audio via Apple Music. 


The optional active ambient lighting’s Sound Visualization feature, which Mercedes developed in-house, is said to further enhance the sound experience, causing the interior light strips to pulse and change in sync with the music being played. 


Upon its release later in the year, the E-Class will offer an assortment of pre-loaded applications such as Angry Birds, TikTok, Vivaldi and Zynk, which can provide on-demand video streaming for both the central infotainment display and the optional passenger display.


Moreover, the car features a Dual Light Control (DLC) system that enables the passenger to watch movies and other content on the passenger display while the vehicle is in motion. However, if it detects driver distraction, Mercedes say sensors will disable the passenger display to ensure the driver's safety.


An additional feature available for the MBUX Superscreen is an optional camera mounted on top of the dashboard. This camera enables the driver to capture selfie photographs or participate in online video conferences when the vehicle is parked.


The launch of the new E-Class starts with the Saloon variant, though drivetrain options, specifications and pricing remain underwraps for now.

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Harry Leahey 23/02/23