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On 19 April 2022, Mercedes premiered its first all-electric SUV- the EQS SUV. Mercedes launched the electric vehicles (EV) in a digital world premiere, as seen on the Mercedes media platform or official site. The electric SUV offers plenty of space and comfort as it is premiered to fit up to seven people per EV.

With a supposed range of up to 660 kilometres (km) and an output of 400 kW, the Mercedes EQS SUV looks to deliver excellent power as an all-electric, thanks to its powerful electric motors, a responsive 4MATIC four-wheel drive and an OFFROAD driving mode.

Three charging programmes are available in the new all-electric SUV- standard, home and work mode. These charging programmes can supposedly be activated based on the preset location through the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) system. Functions such as departure time and maximum charge level can also be preset. This means that the intelligent system should allow for automatic charging as soon as the EV is parked at a charging station. The owner is informed and updated through the MBUX.

Highlighting the critical feature of a new intelligent interior is the MBUX Hyperscreen, a large curved display made up of three screens that light up most of the driver and front passengers' view of the vehicle. Back seat passengers also benefit from a 12.3-inch display screen on both the driver and front passengers' back seats, giving the rear passengers screens for entertainment.

The sound system used in the all-new EQS SUV is the Dolby Atmos sound system, featuring left to proper dynamic sound animation, which is said to give the EV a 360-degree sound experience. Navigation and Electric intelligence within the MBUX systems allow for up-to-date planning of the fastest and most convenient route, including charging stops for the big SUV. A visualisation is made present in the MBUX systems, which shows the state of charge and whether the battery is sufficient to return the EV to its starting point without the means to stop at a charging station. On the occasion that charging of the SUV is required, the estimated charging cost per charging station is calculated and displayed for the driver to see.

The seven-seater EQS looks big yet is compact from an exterior perspective. The front grill of the big SUV includes a shiny black panel unit, combined with the standard-looking headlamps forming the front face of the EV. Being the first all-electric SUV, there is a noticeable difference between Mercedes' standard SUV and this new electrified version through its faint electric blue touches surrounding the vehicle. The tail light also includes a new unique shape.

"Be it family, adventurers, tech fans or music lovers: When the EQS SUV is launched in the second half of 2022, it will fulfil the wishes of many customers. The target groups are diverse, but the active lifestyle unites them. Furthermore, the EQS SUV looks good. Therefore, we believe the EQS SUV will drive luxury and technology for our customers in this important segment. And in doing so, it embodies the pioneering spirit of Mercedes-Benz," says Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz Group AG.

With the EQS SUV, Mercedes-Benz makes another step toward fulfilling its company's ambition of being a carbon-neutral company by 2039, as the model is manufactured to be completely carbon neutral. A final mention is that Mercedes has thought tactically about air quality in the new EQS SUV with' ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL Plus'. The system includes filtration, sensors and a display concept that controls foreign substances from outside air, such as pollen, to filter their way into the vehicle, resulting in cleaner air circulation.

Mercedes-Benz is due to announce the confirmed price of the new EQS SUV, but it has been stated to cost more than the EQS Saloon model, which would result in the EV cost an estimated £110,000 for an entry-level model, whilst the higher-spec models could cost more than £120,000.

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