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Peugeot has announced a series of technical upgrades for its e-208 city car - due for release in 2023.

Next year’s models will gain a 15 percent power jump, from 136bhp (100kW) to 156bhp (115kW). It comes courtesy of an all-new motor, with torque also increasing to 260 Nm. 

Additionally, a ‘’more efficient’’ high-voltage battery, which operates at 400 volts, will also mean a capacity jump from 46.6kWh to 48.1kWh. This will make for a 10.5 percent battery efficiency boost, which Peugeot says will increase the e-208’s range from 225 miles to 248. 

A single-phase 7.4kW charger is provided as standard, with a 11kW charger available as an optional extra. Peugeot says the e-208 can utilise fast charging at a 100kW public point to go from 20-80 percent charge in under 25 minutes. 

Peugeot is said to have held energy efficiency in high regard when updating the e-208 in the latter stages of 2021 which, according to the French firm, has allowed it to decrease the e-208’s energy consumption by 15 percent. 

This has been achieved through a combination of the use of class “A+” tyres, which minimise the amount of energy lost when making contact with the road, and a reworked gearbox transmission ratio. 

Additionally, the heat pump and humidity sensor work in tandem to control the in-cabin air circulation more accurately, which preserves the energy contained in the battery more efficiently. 

The e-208 has been the best-selling car in the electric B segment in Europe since the start of 2022, and over 110,000 have been created since its inception in 2019. 

No formal release date has been established yet for the 2023 e-208, nor any word on pricing, though expect it to cost from around the current car's price tag of £30,195.

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Shafiq Abidin 29/12/22