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Renault has begun testing prototypes for its upcoming electric Renault 5 supermini, ahead of its launch next year. 


Testing is being carried out by Renault ‘experts’ in low grip conditions at the firm’s technical centres in Lardy and Aubevoye, as well as in extreme cold conditions in Arvidsjaur, Sweden.   


The electric Renault 5 concept car was unveiled last year, and features a design based on the Clio silhouette, with its platform, power train and battery technically confirmed to be the same as the future production version. 


The production version, which is poised to compete with the likes of Fiat’s 500e, as well as the upcoming VW ID2, will be manufactured at Renault’s Cléon factory, which currently makes electric powertrans for its Megane model. 


Renault says the car’s electric motor will develop 134bhp, and requires no rare-earth metals, making it more environmentally friendly and cost effective to manufacture. 


The car’s battery meanwhile is said to use a new layout which splits the cells into four squares. Renault claims this approach makes it cheaper to produce and improves the battery’s energy density, making it 15 gk lighter than the 52kWh battery in the Renault Zoe.  


The car will also adopt Renault and Nissan’s new CMF-B EV platform, which has been specifically developed for smaller electric cars, with a focus too on providing an enjoyable and sporty driving experience.


To achieve that, the Renault 5 will use a multi-link rear axle, which is claimed to be the only b-segment electric car to do so.  


It’s unknown how much the car will retail at, but Renault has said it will be 30 percent cheaper to build than the Zoe, prompting speculation the car could start from around £20,000 when sales begin, possibly in mid-2024.

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Harry Leahey 03/04/23