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Volkswagen is gearing up the ID.5, its electric coupe-SUV, with significant upgrades for 2024, joining the recently updated ID.4 SUV. 


The model now comes into just two models: ID.5 Pro in Style trim, and the all-wheel-drive ID.5 GTX.


The newly improved ID.5 Pro comes with a single electric motor that generates 282bhp and 535Nm of torque. This represents a substantial boost of 110bhp compared to the outgoing ID.5 Pro and an increase of 82bhp over the now-retired ID.5 Pro Performance. It also boasts 75 percent more torque and a higher top speed of 112mph. 


The all-wheel-drive ID.5 GTX receives an additional 40bhp, raising the combined power output from its dual-motor setup to 334bhp. With this added power, Volkswagen has managed to reduce the 0-62mph time for the ID.5 GTX to 5.4 seconds. The top speed remains at 112mph.


With a new battery and better optimisation, VW says the ID.5 for the single-motor version delivers greater range, up from from 327 to 339 miles


Additionally, rear-wheel-drive ID.5 models can now achieve a maximum charging speed of 135kW, while the updated ID.5 GTX can reach a maximum of 175kW. 


Inside, the ID.5 gains VW’s updated infotainment system, which is said to be easier to use and more reliable. It is displayed on a larger 12.9-inch touchscreen, which is accompanied by new, illuminated touch-sensitive controls for temperature and volume.


While UK pricing for the revamped ID.5 range has yet to be disclosed, it's expected to closely align with the outgoing models. As such, the new ID.5 Pro Style should start at approximately £52,000, while the updated ID.5 GTX is likely to be priced closer to £57,000.


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Harry Leahey 13/10/23