Israeli brand Blitz Motors is gearing up to launch its e-moped range in the UK, and is looking to provide businesses and their riders with zero emissions solutions to replace their petrol-powered mopeds. 


Blitz was founded in 2012 and its research and development centre, where all Blitz scooters are built,  is located in Tel Aviv. During the past 10 years, the company has also touched base in Belgium, France, Holland, Singapore and South Africa.


The manufacturer claims its scooters are ridden by more than 130,000 delivery riders globally. It also says this has resulted iin over 20 million kilometres being covered by both individuals for private use, and corporations for last mile deliveries. 


The next phase in its plan for global expansion is to open a new ‘operations hub’ in North London, aimed to kickstart Blitz's presence in the UK. Prevalent companies it already works in the UK with,  includes Domino’s, Mcdonalds and Pizza Hut.


Blitz Motors CEO and Founder, Raphael Moszynski, said: “We see massive potential in the UK as it is a very delivery orientated market. Some of the main brands we already work with are stationed here, with sites across the region. 


“We are not just a vehicle manufacturer. We are a one-stop-shop solution with our own fleet management software where we can see where the vehicle is being driven, detect accidents, report any misuse, so our customers can focus on their core business.”


Currently, Blitz has three moped models over two categories: Business and Private. Among the business-related options are the 3000X and 6000. Currently, it is not known if these will be mechanically adjusted before they arrive in the UK, but the current known specifications are as follows. 


The entry level 3000X has, as the name suggests, a 3000w motor. The 3000X contains a 125cc engine that can be further sub categorised with two top speed levels: option L1e-B, at 28mph (45km/h), or option L3e-A, at 56mph (90km/h). Both options contain three removable lithium batteries, which allow for a claimed 124-mile range. A max load of 150kg is also quoted. 


The second option tailored for business activities is the 6000 - and yes, you guessed it, the scooter contains a 6000w motor. Its 250cc engine is good for a claimed top speed of 75mph (120km/h). This is paired with a 60 Ah lithium battery, said to deliver a range of 62 miles before an "average" charge time of 3.5 hours. The max load remains 150kg. 


The sole Private model on offer is the 6000, which retains the same attributes as the business version. Further details include minimum clearance height of 145mm, and dimensions of 2160/800/1200mm. A net pre-rider weight of 180kg is also quoted.


Details of exactly when Blitz Motors will launch in the UK, and how much its models will cost, still remain under wraps - but this is expected to change in the near future.

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Shafiq Abidin 28/10/22