Swedish sustainable vehicle firm Clean Motion has developed a delivery tricycle which can gain extra charge from the sun. 


Dubbed the EVIG, it comes equipped with 570w roof-mounted solar panels, which the company says aims to reduce the dependence on charging infrastructure.


Resembling the look of a tuk-tuk, it has been designed for ‘last-mile’ deliveries in urban environments, and is said to boast the lightest vehicle weight to cargo volume on the market.


It will come in two versions which will differ in power output and vehicle class: a three wheel motorcycle (L5e-B) or moped (L2U-e). 


The base model moped version uses a 5kWh battery, claimed to deliver a range of 62 miles. It powers a 4kW electric motor that provides a top speed of 28mph.  


The motorcycle-classed version opts for a larger 10kWh battery which is claimed to provide a range of up to 124 miles. A more potent 9.7kW motor also features, which helps achieve a top speed of 37mph. 


They can be charged via a Type 2 connector, which takes two to eight hours for a full charge depending on the selected model. 


With the combination of lightweight solar panels and small electric motors, Clean Motion claims its EVIG is five times more efficient than a conventional EV - with a quoted consumption figure of 15.5 miles per kWh.


Clean Motion says the production of an individual EVIG is also environmentally friendly, stating that just 2.7 tonnes of C02 are used - 21.3 tonnes less for an electric car. 


The vehicle accommodates space for a driver only with the option to upgrade the standard seats to ‘comfort’ ones. Optional extras include a rear-view camera and one or two USB ports.


Space for cargo comes in at 2.5m3, and can carry a maximum cargo volume of 350kg.  


It is priced from £9,350 and is available to order now ahead of deliveries beginning early next year. 

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