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Cake, a Swedish electric motorbike manufacturer, has announced a new, high-performance lightweight motorbike specifically designed for off-roading. 


Initially, the Bukk was only limited to 50 units last year, but the company has since decided to commit to making it as a full-production model.


Two versions are available with different powertrains. The Superlight version has a motor that delivers a peak power of 17bhp (13kW) and 270 lb-ft of torque. 


The range-topping Powerlight models feature Cake's latest Jante internal permanent magnet motor, which can produce 14bhp (11.1 kW) of nominal power and 21bhp (16 kW) of peak power. With 310 lb-ft of torque, the bike is said to match the performance of last year’s limited production run model. 


Both versions are powered by a 72-volt, 2.9kWh battery that lasts around three hours when used on off-road or trail routes. The battery can be easily removed through a quick swap mechanism, and fully charged in 2 hours and 45 minutes.


The lightest configuration, with an Aluminium frame, weighs 89kg, allowing the Bukk to reach 0-28 mph in just 2.15 seconds.


Buyers have three suspension options from which to choose, including Ohlins, WP, and Formula, which are intended to suit a variety of purposes from off-road to street legal versions. 


The Bukk also has front and rear Formula brakes and rides on a 19-inch wheel to the front, and an 18-inch wheel to the rear. Ground clearance is 335mm. 


Additionally, it can be connected to Cake's app to be configured and set up.


The Bukk can now be ordered, with the Superlight version priced at £9,090 and the Powerlight at £9,800. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in August.

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Harry Leahey 26/04/23