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​Honda has announced plans to launch more than 10 electric motorbikes by 2025, as part of its plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040. 


For Asia, Europe and Japan, the electric range will involve a combination of “compact and affordable” electric scooters, which Honda labels as ‘Commuter EVs’, electric mopeds (EMs) and electric bikes (EBs). Lastly will be the range-topping and “large-size” electric motorbikes, which Honda calls ‘Fun EVs’. 


The electric mopeds and bicycles will be introduced between now and 2024. Meanwhile, the commuter focused scooters and motorbikes will launch between 2024 and 2025.


Honda says it aims to equip all of these future electric vehicles with its own, solid-state batteries - believing they’re a “valid option” for e-motorbikes as well as cars. 


With a new line-up of electric vehicles, Honda aims to sell at least one million annual electric motorbikes by 2027, and 3.5 million by 2030. Should the Japanese firm succeed, electric bikes would make up to 15 percent of its global motorbike sales. 


According to the company: “Honda will accelerate the electrification of motorcycles as the primary focus of environmental strategies for motorcycle business. 


“This will be alongside the continued development of Honda’s internal combustion motorcycles, which the Japanese manufacturer is intending to make carbon neutral through the 2040s.”


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Harry Leahey 10/11/22