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RGNT, a Swedish electric motorbike provider is set to participate in the SMA Svenska Motorsport Alliansen Speed Weekend in Årsunda, Sweden this week.


The vehicle that’s been meticulously prepared for the world-record attempt is one of its No. 1 Classic SE e-motorbikes, and it will aim to break the current ice speed record for e-motorbikes. 


The bike is built around the company ethos of creating and selling vintage-style road-legal electric motorbikes, with RGNT founded in 2019 and predominantly using its headquarters in Kunsbacka, Sweden to assemble its product range.


The specialised e-bike, called Aurora, shares several components with the motorbike it uses as its base, but the battery, along with a few other parts, have understandably had to be tweaked to enable it to unlock its full potential on the attempt.


The total output for the Aurora has now been raised to 30kW, and a specially designed, lightweight and aerodynamically efficient frame also make up the substantial upgrades from its standard form. 


A weight of just under 160kg is now quoted, with a special pair of spike-studded tyres also being used. 


In addition to the main competitor e-motorbike in the Aurora, RGNT will also look to challenge a few production records with its NO 1 Scrambler SE. The main titles it will aim for are the stock electric and stock A1 electric motorcycle speed records. 


Despite the changes, RGNT is, understandably, remaining tight-lipped on exactly what speed it’s aiming to achieve with either of the two models. 


Regardless, it will be no easy feat. The Guinness World Records states the current fastest electric motorbike in the world is the Voxan Wattman, which set a supersonic speed of 283mph back in December 2021. 


This was done at the Kennedy Space Shuttle Landing Facility in Florida, which is a comparatively smooth and textured strip of road to set a record on, as opposed to the much more challenging terrain found in Årsunda. 

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Harry Leahey 24/02/23