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New electric motorbikes from Spanish firm Dulcet will make their public debut at the EICMA motorcycle show in Italy next week.


One is the company’s flagship Lora model, while the second is a new, urban-focused maxi-scooter dubbed the Gran Via. 


The sporty Lora model was unveiled earlier this year, and makes up to 14 bhp (11kW) and has a top speed of 75mph. 


It is powered by a 7.56kWh battery, and is claimed to offer a range of 112 miles on a full charge. 


The Lora is priced from £10,000, and deliveries will commence from next year. 


The top of the range Lora S model gains a 25bhp (19kW) motor that increases the top speed to 93 mph, while an additional 7.56Kwh battery increases the range to 224 miles. 


The Milan show will also showcase the Urbet Gran Via which is designed for urban commuting. 


Described as an “electric maxi scooter” the Gra Via, and sits between the Gadiro and Lora in the company’s model range. 


It makes up to 26 bhp (20Kw) of peak power, and can reach a top speed of 74 mph.


It has the same 7.56kWh battery as the Lora, though delivers around 80 miles of range - 32 miles less than the base Lora variant.    


Other bikes from Dulcet include the Raizor and Ego mopeds, as well as the Gairo, which is claimed to be one of Europe’s most affordable electric motorbikes. 

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Harry Leahey 08/11/22