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London-based personal vehicle specialist D-fly has launched a 25mph four-wheel e-scooter - hailed as the “urban mobility equivalent of a supercar”. 


Its claimed top speed can however be limited to nine or 15.5 mph depending on the speed setting selected - beginner and intermediate. 


It also rides on four 10-inch wheels, with the pneumatic tyres said to be made from natural rubber. Each wheel has power sent to them from two 500w motors, which combined creates a total power output of 1,650 watts. 


With its four wheels and that top speed, the Dragonfly Hypersonic looks likely to fall into a different vehicle category than conventional two-wheeled electric scooters, which are currently being planned to fall into a new low-speed, zero emission category with upcoming legislation. 


There is no word yet as to what sized battery is powering this ‘supercar’ of urban mobility, though is said to deliver a range of 50 miles on a full charge, which can be achieved in around three hours from a flat start. 


To provide “unparalleled stability and control even when navigating difficult terrain”, the Dragonfly Hypersonic comes fitted with dual wishbone suspension and adjustable suspension for the carbon-fibre deck. 


Weighing in at 16.8kg, the Dragonfly Hypersonic also comes equipped with an alarm, an electric horn, LED indicators, GPS tracking, as well as twin headlights and braking lights. For current speed, range and ride mode information, there is also a 3.5-inch digital display. 


The Dragonfly Hypersonic is now available to buy on Indiegogo, and comes in two versions. The DF variant is aimed towards city driving, and is priced from £1,750. Meanwhile, the off-road DFX version is priced from £2,100, and includes hand guards, wider fenders and those more rugged, all-terrain pneumatic tyres. 

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Harry Leahey 07/10/22